Power Distribution Block TEXU400 – tigerexped
Power Distribution Block TEXU400 – tigerexped
Power Distribution Block TEXU400 – tigerexped
Power Distribution Block TEXU400 – tigerexped

    Power Distribution Block TEXU400 – tigerexped

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      The new power distribution block TEXU400 for RVs, expedition vehicles and vessels of all flavors combine several components into a single compact and super streamlined design.

      Check also the TEXU200 for Vans, 4×4 and smaller overland vehicles.

      Its special disc-shaped design does not only optimize overall accessibility and the highest possible number of electrical connections, it also ensures complete system integration with extremely low investment of financial, space and time resources.


      All these elements have the direct capability to link to the TEXU400 without any unnecessary detours through busbars.

      • Up to four battery/battery banks
      • Measurement shunt, battery computer, and/or system main switch
      • One 230V inverter (up to 3kW in 12V systems)
      • One backup inverter, anchor winch, stern winch, or similar high-current user (alternative: system expansion using a TEXU200 sub-distribution)
      • Two solar charge controllers
      • One battery booster for alternator-based charging
      • Two separate sub-distributions for minor users, additional high-current consumers, or an alternative shore power voltage charger
      • Direct connection of four small devices (battery computer, shunt, test leads, etc.)

        At a glance:

        • Save more than 50% of installation space compared to commonly used separate components
        • Drastically save on installation time through reduction of the number of components.
        • Eliminates 50% of all crimp connections around the central power distribution compared to using bus bars and fuse holders. Contact resistances and overall potential for faulty connections will also be cut in half and improve quality of the installation.
        • The special design minimizes the use of expensive alloys such as copper to compensate for the harsh surge in price over the recent years. The replacement of several peripheral components and reduction of installation material underlines the cost-saving impact of the TEXU200 & TEXU400.
        • An exclusive set of features designed by tigerexped to cover wide range of use cases in an ultra compact device for maximum safety and best accessibility!


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