4-Way Adjustable Suspension Kit with 1.6“ Lift for Ineos Grenadier – Reiger

    4-Way Adjustable Suspension Kit with 1.6“ Lift for Ineos Grenadier – Reiger

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      The Reiger Street and Trail V5 adjustable suspension is the ultimate suspension upgrade for your Ineos Grenadier!
      This high-perfomance suspension is 4-Way adjustable in rebound and compression in both high and low speed. This allows you to fine tune your setup for any adventure. Whether you want to go for a trail run or go up a winding mountain pass, the Reiger suspension delivers the best performance in any situation. Reigers successful racing history in Rallycross, Motorcycles, Quads as well as Trucks and multiple wins in the Rally Dakar provides the needed knowledge when it comes to high-performance suspensions.

      The compression settings allow you to adjust how the dampers react to different bumps or compressions. The low speed compression settings are generating more stability over small bumps. The high speed settings are changing the dampers reaction to higher impact compressions for example sudden drops into holes or obstacles that require the damper to compress at a faster rate.

      The rebound adjustments are responsible for how fast the damper and springs are returning to its original position. This is important if you are on a rough road and the damper needs to react to a lot of changes in the dampening. On a rougher road you want a faster return rate so the suspension is “ready” to react to the next bump. On a road however you want more stability so a slower return rate will help smoothen out your ride by giving you more stability through turns.

      The durable aluminum housing paired with the Variante 5 technology provide the highest quality components that are made to last. The Reiger Street and Trail V5 suspension will not only upgrade the performance of your Grenadier but will provide you with a fun and confidence boosting experience no matter what road you take.